If you are familiar with GreenPrint, then you already know about this smart little program that helps you eliminate those annoying last pages of a printed web page, email, etc. You know, when you print from a website only to find that of the 3 pages that just came out of your printer, the second is all ads and the third is just the copyright info? Such occurrences have cause me to use many an expletive. Or what about when you print an email and the second page is just the fax number from someone’s signature. So annoying. Green Print finds those problems and eliminates them. It actually analyzes your documents and gets rid of the waste. Brilliant.

Here is the best part, in January of this year, GreenPrint decided to offer a free version in the hopes of saving 100 million trees. Not only that, GreenPrint has started donating ad space to “its environmental partners and organizations the company feels are doing important work with healthcare in the developing world.” Way to go GreenPrint, glad to see some companies still know how to do the right thing.

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